“Our son Ross, 11, was suffering from severe Hyperhidrosis on hands and feet and used an antiperspirant spray to help him through the day. But obviously that was not very practical for an active boy. He could not even wear flipflops, it was that bad. p

When we heard about Iontophoresis, Ross started off with five treatments in a row in one week; he was then able to cut down them down to one a week and now he only needs one treatment a month. I decided to buy the IonUnit, so that he can use it whenever it's needed.

The IonUnit is fantastic. It made a big difference to the practical side of his daily life at school and in sports."

Janine R, Cape Town

“The IonUnit is the answer to my Hyperhidrosis problems on hands, feet and underarms I have suffered from since childhood. I have tried everything from lotions, Botox to medication and nothing worked. After a series of daily sessions I now use the IonUnit once a month as a maintenance treatment and it really works like a dream.”

Alexandra S (28), Cape Town
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