The idea for the IonUnit came about when a family member complained that his guitar strings were breaking because of sweaty playing hands. A Google search revealed that the condition had a name and a list of treatments.

One of the most promising solutions discovered was iontophoresis. However, the difficulty and high cost of importing a unit at that time prompted the idea of developing a local solution. Medical professionals in SA were generally unaware of iontophoresis as a treatment, which is a standard option in Europe and the US.

We began sourcing papers on the existing technology from the literature. After that we collaborated with a well-known Cape Town dermatologist to develop the most user-friendly, safe and effective iontophoresis machine available. Positive user experience and effective treatment have been the goal from day one, and we are proud to say that the IonUnit accomplishes that goal entirely.

Meet the team


The founding members of KBMM, the designers and producers of the IonUnit, are Dr Keith Burgers [DIng RAU, MSc(N.R.S.E.) Imperial College London, BSc (Elec Eng) UCT, PrEng] and Martin Molteno [MSc(Ind Eng), BSc (Mech Eng) UCT]. Both Keith and Martin are engineers whose varied careers have taken them worldwide.

While the IonUnit is still a relatively new device on the market, we have already seen many users' lives changed for the better by iontophoresis treatment. The IonUnit's safety and affordability mean our group of users has ranged from as young as 10 to as wise as 70 years of age! The confidence given to these users inspires us, and we hope to bring that same joy to you and everyone else who can be helped. Link us to anyone you know who complains of excessive sweating.

Do you wish to reduce or even stop excessive sweating in your hands, feet or underarms? Whether you are a waiter, businessman, surgeon or dancer, we can help you all! Get in touch and we'll answer any questions that you may have.

our UX designer and early guinea-pig holds the latest IonUnit

One of our designers holding the latest IonUnit

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